How Can Businesses Resolve The Most Difficult Calls?

by: Unity Asset Management

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"Unlocking the Secret to Managing Hostile Customer Calls"


Collecting is a challenging profession that demands a systematic approach. A frequent query that is often posed is, “What should I say when...?” This question is intriguing, as it demands a calculated response, and at times, the regular methods might fail.

You might have tried everything, yet the customer remains agitated, hostile, or dissatisfied. The threat of legal action or a complaint is not uncommon in such circumstances. The way you respond to the customer is crucial, as it will determine their next course of action. To avert the worst-case scenario, it is necessary to alter the situation. A more pertinent question to ask yourself would be,


“How can I diffuse a difficult call with the customer?”


When calls become challenging and conventional techniques fall short, extra effort is required. Politely end the conversation, gather relevant information, and put a system in place to handle the situation better. You can transform irate customers into calm and cooperative ones with the right approach. The following steps outline the process:

Step 1: Gather Vital Information After ending the call, take a moment to breathe and reflect on what needs to be done. Record the factual details of the situation, disregarding emotions. Keep in mind that emotions can cloud judgment, and only straightforward facts can resolve a difficult situation.

Step 2: Identify the Optimal Solution Determine the best solution for the customer, which may require critical thinking. Consult with your supervisor to get a fresh perspective on the situation. The ultimate goal is to find a solution that will please the customer, and the factual information gathered should assist in making the best decision.

Step 3: Chart a Course to the Solution With the facts and solution in hand, devise a roadmap that will lead you to the desired outcome. Think about the steps required to reach the solution and focus on finding the best path.

Step 4: Draft a Script Scripting the roadmap is a wise move, as it will facilitate communication with the customer and ensure that everyone is on the same page. The script will provide a detailed outline of the roadmap and the steps that need to be taken.

In conclusion, after reading this post, you will be equipped to handle even the most challenging calls. It is time to put this strategy to the test.