How Can You Get Frustrated Customers To See Your Business As An Ally

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How Can You Get Frustrated Customers To See Your Business As An Ally?

Communicating with customers is an art that not many businesses understand. You must get frustrated customers to see your business as an ally. Otherwise, they would only lash out or switch to a competitor. Besides, just think about when a customer support agent told you that they would take care of everything. The chances are that you felt relieved. When it comes to communication, you have to plant seeds of happiness. Just hearing “I have got this” or “I am here to help you out” is fantastic. It provides you with much-needed reassurance. It helps build confidence.

Story Time
To help you better understand how you can better communicate with customers, an experience that happened just a few months ago is mentioned. One of the team members got a parking ticket for a car they had never been in. He tried to dispute the issue online. However, the dispute did not get resolved. There was a lack of error messages which could explain why his request was not getting through.

After trying to resolve the dispute online, the team member decided to give the relevant department a call to seek help. When he got a hold of someone, the first employee told him that he should simply resubmit the dispute. The employee failed to answer the questions about what needs to be done if the dispute form does not get through. To find a solution to the problem, the team member inquired about any issues with the form or site. However, the employee could not help out one bit.

Frustrated by the incident, the team member gave the department a call once again and spoke with another employee. However, the second employee also told him to resubmit the form. But, he told him to stay on call as he resubmitted the form. The second employee told him that “I am here, and I want to make sure that your form gets submitted.” He even went on to point out certain things that might have been preventing him from submitting the dispute, such as the file size or character count.

Due to the reassurance, the team member felt relaxed and thought that the second employee was by his side. The team member was also told not to rush and take his time. This allowed the team member to truly go through the submission. He finally realized that he had exceeded the character limit. Finally, the employee told him that “There is no need to worry because the fees on the ticket would be frozen as the dispute gets reviewed.” Thus, the team member felt at ease and could carry on with his day.

The Lesson
The difference between the two conversations teaches a very valuable lesson that businesses can take advantage of. The team member called the department while panicking. Nobody wants to be charged for something that they did not even do. The first conversation only increased his stress levels. On the other hand, the second conversation reassured him that everything would be taken care of and waited until the form was submitted to only give good news. Therefore, you just have to plant seeds of happiness to succeed.