The Ultimate Solution for Solving Customer Stress

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We all experience a high-stress state from time to time. However, if someone helps make things better, you would be unable to forget about them. Last year, I needed to get some work done on my motorcycle. It was stressful for me as I was worried about my bike getting fixed on time and the cost being reasonable. I was already very stressed out when I received a call from the repair shop telling me a long list of repairs that needed to be performed.

Example: The mechanic also called to tell me that those repairs would take a long time. Therefore, I would not have a motorcycle for an entire day. To add more stress to the situation, I also had an important company meeting the same day. Thus, I just wanted my motorcycle.

Now, you might be getting an idea about how the thing was only increasing my stress levels further. I responded to the call in a rude manner and told the mechanic that I would need to reschedule the repairs for another day since I needed my motorcycle. Then, the mechanic quickly replied by telling me that “We should be done with the work before your meeting. However, you do not need to worry because we can also give you a loaned car which you can use to get to the meeting.” The reassurance instantly eased my body, and I knew that I had nothing to stress about. It only took positive seeds to be planted for me to relax.

Use of Positive Language

The experience I have shared with you is just one of many about the importance of using positive language. It can help companies make a difference. There was a possibility that the call could have escalated with me shouting and demanding my motorcycle. However, things went in the right direction. I felt that there was someone who wanted to take care of me. Just think about such an experience. The chances are that you remember it.

The good news is that you can easily replicate the conversation I experienced in any of your business interactions. Thus, the calls would result in more connection, less stress, and less anger.

Three-Step Transformational Communication Strategy

When it comes to solving customer stress, you need to adopt our three-step transformational communication strategy.

  1. Validate
  2. Plant Seeds of Happiness
  3. Use an Action Statement

Have you experienced something similar? Just think about what the company did to help you get out of stress mode and the way they did it. They must have used the steps mentioned above. Even when you use just one of the steps, you would be able to save time and energy. Thus, it is encouraged that you follow the conversation pattern that I experienced for the best outcome.


Solving customer stress requires you to validate the problem the customer is experiencing, the plant seeds of success, and finish it off with an action statement. Your customers will be satisfied with your service and will keep returning.